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Thetapegaasi Indian Vetiver

Traditional Indian medicines have recognized vetiver’s healing powers for thousands of years. Vetiver oil contains beneficial antioxidants that make this oil a great choice for

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Thetapegaasi Indian Thyme

Thyme is an ancient herb, dating back to the Sumerians around 3500 BC. Ancient Egyptians also used them, as they called it, for embalming mummies.

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Thetapegaasi Indian Neem

Neem is one of the most ancient indigenous oil known to India. Almost every Indian will be aware of its therapeutic properties which are antibacterial,

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Thetapegaasi Indian Nutmeg

In folk medicine, nutmeg was used as a stimulant with hallucinogenic properties. The exotic spice even served as a substitute for hashish in Egypt. In

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Thetapegaasi Indian Grapefruit

Grapefruit oil consists largely of limonene, a powerful therapeutic compound. Grapefruit has a cheerful aroma that stimulates the mind and helps alleviate stress and depression.

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