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Essential oils have been around us for thousands of years, used by our ancestors in various methods because of their unique inherited health benefits. They are comprised of highly volatile organic therapeutic compounds found in a variety of natural substances, including various indigenous herbs, plants, roots, or flowers, the very essence of what gives it its scent, flavor, color, and all healing properties.

They’re often used topically or aromatically, and a few essential oils grades ( unless specified) can also be ingested.

Extraction of natural essential oils: The process includes steam distillation, cold pressing, and enfleurage. (* Chemically produced essential oils fall into synthetic product categories and are manufactured in a lab. Synthetic essential oils aren’t extracted at all; they’re created in a lab through various chemical reactions.).

The process used in the extraction of Theta Pegasi’s essential oil: Steam distillation of natural organic products is carried out by passing dry steam through the real indigenous plant material whereby the steam volatile compounds are volatilized, condensed, and collected in receivers. Steam distillation has been in use for essential oil extraction for many years.

Use of Theta Pegasi essential oils: Naturally procured essential oils work effectively on cellular levels of the body. It can be used for introducing certain specific kinds of frequencies/roles in the aura. e.g. relaxation, mood enhancement, or general well-being. When used frequently supports a healthy lifestyle, immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, and a balanced mental, emotional, and physical body.


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