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Thetapegaasi Indian Thyme

Thyme is an ancient herb, dating back to the Sumerians around 3500 BC. Ancient Egyptians also used them, as they called it, for embalming mummies. Thyme-infused wine was offered to ancient gods and was imbibed to improve digestion at the end of big feasts. In modern applications, thyme essential oil provides a range of therapeutic benefits. Thyme boosts the immune system, increasing resistance to viruses and infections. It’s a great tonic for the whole body, improving circulation and releasing excess fluids from the joints. As a diuretic, thyme oil supports a healthy flow of urine and combined with its antiseptic properties, thyme oil can help relieve urinary tract infections. Thyme oil also supports respiratory function, breaking up phlegm and opening the airways. A potent antibacterial, thyme heals skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and burns, and helps relieve itchy or infected insect bites.

Thetapegasi products possess remarkable healing properties of balancing the chakras and infusing love and harmony in the aura. Externally applied to increase the Pranic Energy of the body. It is composed of pure natural extracts. BENEFITS Anti-aging. Can be consumed in raw form. Smooth and tone the skin. Cooling, moisturizing. Leaves a light sheen on the skin. Naturally hydrating promotes a feeling of well-being. Free from chemicals, parabens, and petrochemicals. Eco-friendly. Proudly made in India.


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