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Thetapegaasi Indian Basil

The delightful, licorice-scented herb has a rich history of culinary and therapeutic uses and is used in teas, flavorings, and perfumes. It’s an age-old remedy for coughs and colds, acting as an excellent expectorant for respiratory infections. Basil oil is a tonic for the nervous system and provides relief from headaches and nervous disorders such as anxiety, restlessness, and stress. It is also an excellent remedy for extracting poison and venom from wounds, and as an analgesic, sweet basil numbs pain, relieves itching, and helps wounds heal more quickly. Basil oil can also help reduce the swelling of capillaries in bloodshot eyes. One of the oldest medicinal herbs, basil provides mental strength and clarity.

Thetapegasi products possess remarkable healing properties of balancing the chakras and infusing love and harmony in the aura. Externally applied to increase the Pranic Energy of the body. It is composed of pure natural extracts. BENEFITS Anti-aging. Can be consumed in raw form. Smooth and tone the skin. Cooling, moisturizing. Leaves a light sheen on the skin. Naturally hydrating promotes a feeling of well-being. Free from chemicals, parabens, and petrochemicals. Eco-friendly. Proudly made in India.


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